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Good food starts with excellent ingredients! We sought out the best organic and carefully cultivated products that the region has to offer. With the freshest and highest quality ingredients in hand, we bring together contemporary techniques with the care of slow food and comfort food to create the delicious dishes we bring to your table. Taste the flavors of Piedade!

Bon appétit!

Bom apetite!


Our pastas are artisanally made.

Rib ragout with potato gnocchi / R$ 44.90

(covered in cubed concassé tomatoes)

Gnocchi alla Genovese / R$ 43.10

(potato gnocchi with basil pesto and walnuts)

Pumpkin sorrentini with almonds / R$ 43.10

(with rustic tomatoes sauce and fresh basil)

Tagliatelli primavera / R$ 39.20

(with green and black olives, broccoli, carrots, basil and cherry tomatoes)

Buffalo mozzarella panzotti / R$ 46.80

(with rustic tomato sauce and herbs)

Mini sandwiches / R$ 28.70

(mini cheeseburger with frisée lettuce, mini pan-broiled meat sandwich with parmesan and crispy collard greens, and mini artisanal sausage-ragout sandwich with buffalo mozzarella and arugula)

Cheese curd, banana, cinnamon and molasses toast / R$ 22.40


Bagel with cured salmon and sour cream / R$ 28.70

(salt-cured salmon with lemon and nasturtium flowers)

Eggplant and flatbread sandwich / R$ 17.00

(eggplant with caramelized onions, black olives, and buffalo mozzarella)

Creamy meat croquette / R$ 15.20

(accompanied by pepper jelly)

Mini fried chicken dumpling / R$ 15.20

(breaded shredded-chicken filled dumpling accompanied by pepper jelly)

Oven-baked cheese and meat pastels / R$ 16.10

(accompanied by pepper jelly)

Pot pie filled with palm hearts, leeks, and goat cheese / R$ 15.20


Cheese curd with molasses / R$ 14.30

Mini cassava chips with sundried beef and cheese curd / R$ 17.90

Polenta and parmesan squares with artisanal-sausage ragout / R$ 18.80


Marinated artichoke fillets / R$ 17.90

(accompanied by Dijon mustard)

Farm salad / R$ 32.30

(mix of greens, cassava vinaigrette, roasted tomatoes, cucumbers, crunchy carrots and marinated onions in a mustard sauce. Accompanied by toasted artisanal bread with goat cheese pâté)

Moroccan salad / R$ 34.10

(Moroccan couscous, chickpeas, raisins, black olives and sliced almonds in a spicy sauce)

Cobb salad a la Ronco / R$ 35.90

(mix of greens, grilled chicken breast cubes, bacon, avocado, beet slices, tomato and parmesan cheese in a mustard sauce)

Vegetarian Cobb salad a la Ronco / R$ 34.10

(mix of greens, shredded shiitake, mushroom “bacon,” avocado, beet slices, tomato and Brazil nut chunks in a mustard sauce)

Mini house salad / R$ 20.60


Salmon in a cashew nut crust / R$ 64.80

(lightly drizzled with passion-fruit sauce, accompanied by baroness-potato puree)

Tilapia fillet sprinkled with rosemary sea salt / R$ 43.10

(accompanied by butter-sautéed shiitake, pesto and arugula salad)

Grandma’s pan-broiled meat with caramelized cassava / R$ 44.90

(with rice, beans, cassava flour and house pepper sauce)

“Puta rica’s” rice / R$ 47.60

(turmeric rice with chicken chunks, pork ribs, sausage, bacon croutons, bell peppers, hard-boiled egg and house pepper sauce)

Filet mignon medallion wrapped in Parma ham / R$ 60.20

(with fresh asparagus risotto and Port wine sauce)

Traditional ossobuco / R$ 52.10

(with creamy polenta and watercress salad)

Chicken breast stuffed with walnuts and basil / R$ 50.30

(drizzled with mild herb and pink-peppercorn sauce, accompanied by cassava gnocchi in butter)

Rib confit / R$ 53.90

(with citrus risotto and fruit chutney)

Chopped fillet steak/ R$ 54.80

(prepared in a mild poivre sauce, accompanied by cheese pastels, cassava flour, fried egg, breaded fried banana, rice, beans, and house pepper sauce)

Chicken saltimbocca in three-wine sauce / R$ 55.70

(filled with artichoke and mozzarella, with mix of wild rice, artichoke puree and crunchy parma ham)

Artichoke risotto / R$ 48.60

(drizzled with basil pesto)

Seven cereal risotto with vegetables / R$ 44.90

(with a bouquet of fresh greens and herb olive oil)

We use natural ice cream, made without artificial preservatives, aromas, or thickening agents.

Oven-baked coconut-candy pastry / R$ 17.50

(with citrus molasses and mandarin lime ice cream)

Bugio banana paste / R$ 16.90

(with crunchy flaked pastry and ginger-and-dulce de leche ice cream)

Caramelized apple surprise / R$ 18.80

(with vanilla ice cream, crunchy farofa, chocolate syrup and flambéed marshmallow)

Nutella and strawberry crepe / R$ 17.10

(with vanilla ice cream)

Romeo and Juliet (guava and cheese) / R$ 18.60

(guava paste and cheesecake ice cream)

Pineapple flambéed in cognac and mint / R$ 13.80

Seasonal fruits / R$ 13.10


Célio – herbs

Fazenda do Hélio – fresh cheese

Dona Clara – greens and tomatoes

Clementina – honey

Sítio Rancho Alegre – legumes

Rancho Flamboyant – free-range chicken

Cogumelos Satoru – shiitake

Paulo Ossamu – tilapia

Regina Preserves by George Osako and Dona Regina – artichoke