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Welcome, accommodate, and care for: this is the essence of hospitality. After settling into your suite, schedule a massage or a relaxing bath, and take care of your body and soul.

Enjoy a complete massage with hot sesame seed oil. Legs and feet get special attention with the application of cinnamon oil. After the massage, relax in a bath prepared with fresh ginger, cinnamon, and cloves while you drink a good red wine served with dry fruit during this moment of rest.

Nothing better than a smooth exfoliation with Himalayan salt, mint, and sesame seed oil to rejuvenate your skin and eliminate all the impurities deposited on it during the course of the day. This moment of self-care is also very relaxing as it is followed by a refreshing massage with passion-fruit oil.

The combination of rock salt and medicinal herbs applied in a compress along the spine will certainly aid you in relieving all that tension that builds up during your day-to-day rush. Soon after the compress, enjoy a massage with sesame seed oil, and then to wrap up the session relax in a bath prepared with sake and ginger while drinking a bubbly wine served with dried fruits.

To hydrate, tone, and soften your skin, take advantage of a hydrating massage with passion-fruit oil and relax in a bath prepared with milk and honey while you drink a delicious tea sweetened with honey produced in the region and served with dried fruit.

The candle massage is done with candles made out of essential therapeutic oils that are melted and kept at a temperature of 38°C, so as to not burn and irritate the skin. In addition to being relaxing, it reduces exhaustion, aches, and stress, providing a deep sense of well-being. After the massage, relax in a bath prepared with coconut water and ginger while drinking a delicious tea served with dried fruits.

Time to relax and forget about the world. You deserve it!

How about a massage focusing on the parts of the body that store up most of this stress and exhaustion? Your feet, shoulders, and head deserve this special treatment!