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Even before Ronco took the shape it has today, our belief was that each guest is unique, which is why our lodgings also have to be unique in every detail, in every suite and in all of our practices. Over the years, we have discovered that we could enrich our guests’ stays with unique experiences, in line with our proposal and with our values. If you are looking to enjoy a delightful stay, our menu of activities can show you how to connect even more with our concepts and with the Ronco do Bugio vibe. You have to stay with us to enjoy the activies, and please check the availability of wich one before!

Picnic in the Woods

The Atlantic Forest surrounding all of the lodgings structures is filled with little nooks, surrounded by bromeliads, stones and lush shades of green, making for the perfect shady spot to sit around and relax.

Because it could be no other way, Ronco has prepared a picnic experience with total comfort and convenience, with a basket of bread, cheese, spreads, fruit and cake.

And of course, to complete this perfect outing, a bottle of sparkling or red wine. Let’s spread out the blanket?

Blessed Cachaça

Cachaça, a Brazilian heritage, is one of the richest beverages in the world: it can be clear, golden or yellowish; it can be aged or fresh; it can go down smooth or have a bite.

We are proud of these products and have put together a tasting of cachaças, separated by type of wood used for aging: amburana, amendoim, balsam, Brazil nut, ipe, oak… Find out the differences in flavor, tears, the texture.

Come try them all, we’ll help you back to your room!

Trail and Belvedere

Taking a walk in the woods can be a unique and reinvigorating experience. Bromeliads, orchids, fruit trees, birds and monkeys are always watching us, peeking out from their hiding places every once in a while.

Suddenly, while taking a break to rest, a hiker finds our waterfall, with water coming from the wellspring of the Pirapora River, just waiting for you to take a refreshing dip. Now, continue along until reaching a gigantic rock way up at the top of the land, with a view of the lodgings and the gorgeous Paranapiacaba Range.

The sunset awaits you, and we will bring you a glass of sparkling wine to enjoy!

Farm to Table

Most of our ingredients come from local producers, farmers from the Piedade region with whom we maintain partnerships and friendships. This means that fresh and high quality products reach the table at Ronco.

How about visiting one of our vegetable farmers, seeing how they manage the land, their harvest and their concerns with the various forms of local sustainability?

At the end, we’ll have a seat at the farm table for a snack or lunch before returning to Ronco!