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Staying at Ronco do Bugio means discovering that you needed to disconnect. And to do that it’s not enough to just turn off your electronic gadgets – it also means being well-received in a cozy environment, close to home but far from the daily bustle.

For us, hosting you means offering a beautiful and cared for place, calling everyone by their name, listening attentively, respecting individual tastes, being ethical and transparent, and doing all of this with genuine cheer.

Just like you, Ronco do Bugio is unique. We believe that having standards doesn’t mean always doing everything exactly the same way, and that every difference deserves special treatment. Each person and every object carries its own history. And that’s why all our suites are exclusive and promote a singular experience for our guests. Get to know all of them!

We know that nobody grows up on their own, and so our surroundings need our care as much as we need its care. This was the belief that motivated us to work with the people from the region and invest in delicious local ingredients. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the kindness and local accent of our staff, and by the fresh smells and flavors of our kitchen.

And what can we say about the natural environment? This immense forest that we have preserved and taken care of since we first set foot here. Every drop of water, every leaf, every stone, every tiny animal in this territory is our biggest source of inspiration and reason for being.

So when you are in the comfort of your suite, on a rainy day, and you hear a loud howling coming from the mountaintops, from over the treetops, know that you are hearing these words: Welcome to the Ronco do Bugio – welcome to the Howl of the Bugio Howler Monkey!