Piedade / SP - How To Get Here
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Living without destroying the future

Profiting without violating ethics

Respecting our surroundings and the community

*Want to participate? We have a carbon offset program that was a reference at the UN for best practices in sustainable tourism: plant a tree and offset your stay.

Sustainability is something we believe in and take very seriously, ever since our founding.

Get to know some of our activities and enjoy your time with us knowing that we minimize as much as possible the environmental impact of your stay, and seek to promote the improvement in the quality of life of those around us.

  • Our artesian well supplies the restaurant with the purest water, and as a result we eliminate a huge quantity of plastic bottles and the carbon dioxide generated from transporting water.
  • Have you visited our mini-hydroelectric plant, which takes advantage of the terrain’s natural slope and generates close to 30% of the energy we consume? Ask us all about it!
  • We make use of existing open spaces, without furthering deforestation.
  • We respect to the utmost the characteristics of the terrain, adapting the lodgings to the lay of the land and disturbing the land the least amount possible.
  • Our building materials come from demolition sites and we reuse every old brick to tell a new story.
  • The smell of cleaning products, insect repellant, and laundry are notable: all of them come from natural and renewable sources, and don’t harm people or the environment. Nothing here contains acidic, caustic, or corrosive substances.
  • The water we use returns to nature the way we found it: we treat it with natural bactericides and return it in a state of purity that allows for its reuse.
  • Staff uniforms are made with organic cotton colored with natural dyes.
  • Have you heard the country accent of our staff? Hiring and getting to know people from the region is our way of helping with the development of Piedade.
  • Local ingredients, for the most part organic, not only means our food is fresher and more flavorful, but it also promotes the local economy and conscientiousness of local producers.
  • Our solid waste is sorted and donated to the community.
  • We separate organic waste and send it out to be composted.