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We believe in projects that share our values and do practical work to change society. We hope to see them implemented in our region soon.

Get to know the projects we support:

Crescer e Semear (‘Grow and Sow’) is a nonprofit social project that seeks to change the education of our children through healthy and delicious food. Rethinking our diet, encouraging healthy habits, and primarily teaching how to feed oneself with nutritional health and quality. The aim is to teach through play, in a lighthearted, enjoyable and fun way!

What did you eat today? Did you make a healthy choice? Did you think about how what is on your plate has a direct impact on your health? And furthermore, would you give what you are eating to your children to eat? Children copy the habits of adults, and we need to educate them when it comes to food.

Recent data (October 2017) published by specialists at the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that worldwide 41 million children under 5 years of age are obese or overweight. In Brazil, obesity is growing and has become an increasing concern. Data from ABESO (Brazilian Society for the Study of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome) shows that obesity affects close to 15% of Brazilian children.  

We professionals working with health, directly and indirectly, have a very important role to play in promoting healthy and proper diets. And it was out of this concern for making healthy and quality food accessible to all that project Grow and Sow was born in 2014.


Provide new knowledge through new flavors. Present new foods, offer those foods that have already been forgotten about, and retrain palates, with flavors, colors, textures, and a lot of nutrients. We want children and adults to eat conscientiously and feed themselves with quality, so that they develop all their abilities and potential. We want to discover the delicious flavors of healthy eating!


This is a volunteer project that focuses on providing workshops. And practical knowledge. Children, school lunch providers, and students’ parents are invited to get their hands dirty. The idea is to make the kitchen democratic, awakening in the children the desire to eat healthy foods and explore the incredible world of natural foods. With simple and delicious recipes, children work with the foods, learn the characteristics of fruits, vegetables, legumes, flours, and other ingredients used in the recipes, and try out the foods that they themselves made. The result? They love it! They have a lot of fun and food! We believe that for healthy diets it is necessary to create a link between schools and the home, and so the project also proposes organizing workshops/presentations with parents and school lunch providers to show that healthy eating can be simple, accessible, and delicious.


Because the idea is to provide healthy diets for everyone, the Grow and Sow project also allows children with food allergies to participate. Many recipes don’t use ingredients that cause allergies, such as milk and milk products, or ingredients such as gluten. Therefore, it’s possible for children with dietary restrictions to eat the same food as their friends, providing integration through food.


The Grow and Sow project was created by consultant Lidiane Barbosa. She has been working in the functional gastronomy field for 8 years, providing consulting for restaurants, food products, and food manufacturers in Brazil. She teaches classes in post-graduate courses, health conferences, and workshops across Brazil.

“I believe that my main motivation is the desire to foster health – by way of diet and education – for the children of this country, and change a bit the scenario that we see today” (Lidiane Barbosa).



The project has already passed through several cities, including: Santos, Cubatão, Itirapina, Blumenau, and Rio de Janeiro. It is now heading to Fortaleza and has already added to its 2018 calendar the cities of Uberaba, Piracicaba, Matos Costa and Vera Cruz. In fact, in 2018 Grow and Sow will be expanded to public schools in Blumenau, where the creator of the project lives.


How about changing the world starting with your city? The presentations/workshops are free and can be taught anywhere in the country. Schools and institutions can host Grow and Sow. The costs of travel, lodging, transportation and food are all paid for by the project. We raise funds through the sale of t-shirts, aprons, books, and course guides. Our virtual store is available at: www.projetocresceresemear.com.br. The schools and institutions that request our presence can also help by making the workshops more practical and enjoyable.

We would be thankful if you could help us with the printing of the Grow and Sow course books, which will be used during the workshops and that the audience can then take home.

The ingredients used during the workshops are generally the same as those used in school and institutional kitchens. We work out the details beforehand in case it’s necessary to add some specific ingredient to carry out the workshops.