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Experiencing Ronco do Bugio means staying in a unique suite, savoring the products made by local farmers, being served by locals, and reconnecting with your inner self. Come visit!


Here they are welcome and treated well. They will be coddled and fall in love with the forests and the care they will receive. Bring your best friend along.


The ingredients in our kitchen almost all come from local producers, the majority of them engaged in organic agriculture. Taste the flavors of Piedade!

  • Suite 7

    Can you imagine a two-story suite measuring 150 square meters, with a porch facing the Paranapiacaba Range? Stop just fantasizing, come to Ronco!

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  • Suite 11

    The Arabic influence on ancient São Paulo houses, with designs along the doors and windows, still survive here, with original building materials.

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  • Suite 5

    Who said that living in the woods wasn’t modern at all? Come eat native fruits growing on the trees in front of the suite, like the Old Macdonald comic book character.

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  • Suite 13

    Have you ever thought about what it means to be “country”? We have! It means being in touch with nature, being sincere without losing your style, having the delicacy of a flower and the exuberance of a dense forest.

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  • Suite 4

    The sun is setting behind the mountains, you get up from the hammock to step into the hot tub in the mezzanine lounge before heading upstairs to lie down

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  • Suite 15

    Located in the most isolated and privileged place at Ronco, with an exuberant view to the woods and a yard with a fire pit. We have built a suite that feels like a cozy and ample home just for you!

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Bar and Restaurant

Contemporary techniques, together with the care of slow food and comfort food means delicious plates arrive at your table with the flavors that only the best childhood memories can bring. Bon appétit!


Projects we believe in

Our beliefs and our values are very important to us and guide our daily actions, from the building itself to each one of the guests’ experiences. That’s why we also provide support for projects that share in our values and that we wish to see prosper in the Piedade region.



We believe in providing more than a place to stay, but rather a life experience, with total immersion in the region, its flavors and its atmosphere. Come to Ronco and share in this experience.